We value women as the platform of society, which is why we are certain that by guaranteeing information about health in their life cycles will provide them with useful tools to prevent and take care of all the illnesses associated with their age.


One of the best strategies to prevent and minimize illnesses in our communities lies in educating our kids about self-care, health meaning, illness and healthy habit awareness during their early development so they can opt for their health care as the first step for a great future.


Hormonal, physical and emotional changes of our teenagers are worthy of unfolding society’s attention to raise awareness of key points about their health care, supporting women to be capable of freely develop their academic, occupational and emotional potential. Contributing fulfilled women to our society as the ultimate outcome. Our counseling services include:

– Healthful diet and activity counseling
– Eating disorders prevention
– Adolescent Mental health: Bullying prevention, self-esteem and self-care
– Sexual health education, Sexually transmitted diseases prevention and contraceptive counseling
– Alcohol, tobacco and substance use prevention


Pregnancy is one of woman’s most sensitive stages in which we find they are more willing to receive valuable information that will generate great changes to better their health and lifestyle. It is important that in this stage they are provided with the right tools that will ensure a healthy baby and mother. We are pleased that for this stage too we are able to provide counseling in:
– Nutrition during pregnancy
– Exercise and daily activities during pregnancy
– Psychoprophylactic course
– Pregnancy care
– Childbirth preparation
– Newborn basic care


Post – partum is the last stage of pregnancy and represents a fragile period for women’s health by different hormonal, emotional, physical and family roles that must de confronted. We provide counseling in:

– Nutrition and exercise in postpartum
– Postpartum depression
– Breastfeeding
– Contraceptive counseling
– Newborn care


Menopause is that stage in which the woman experiences an array of hormonal changes that may affect her quality of life, emotional, cardiovascular and osseous health as well as an increase on the risk to develop certain types of cancer.

This is why it is necessary for the woman to be prepared ahead, during and after this stage. We offer workshops about:

– Healthy lifestyle: Nutrition and Exercise
– Cardiovascular risk
– Sexuality
– Early cancer detection and prevention


Elderly women care is a commitment that not only needs to be adopted by themselves but it entitles the society as a whole. This is a beautiful stage in which the woman has taken a toll for her family and deserves to be appreciated, which is why we offer workshops about this stage on:

– Self-care and Self-esteem
– Sexuality
– Depression prevention
– Healthy lifestyle
– Early awareness and prevention of cardiovascular illness
– Early cancer awareness and prevention


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