Rodrigo K. Cifuentes., MD.,F.A.C.O.G

Co-founder and Director of the board.
Diplomat of the American Board Obstetrics and Gynecology.

I was born in Uruguay when my father made his specialization in Perinatal Medicine and my mother finished her studies in Haute Couture. Once her studies were completed, we returned to the city of Cali in Colombia. There I grew up and finished my baccalaureate at the German School of that city.

I obtained my doctorate in medicine and surgery at Universidad del Valle. Shortly after I graduated, I moved to the United States seeking to continue my professional studies.

I obtained my degree in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University of Harbor UCLA in the city of Los Angeles, specializing in laparoscopic surgery. After finishing my specialization, I joined a private practice group specialized in women’s health care. During those years I also specialized in gynecological robotic surgery.

After 5 years in private practice, I decided to join the Kaiser Permanente group where I currently work and work as an obstetric gynecologist, Chief Assistant of the gynecology-obstetrics department, Director of gynecological surgery services and Co-Director of the residents program of UCLA Harbor.

From an early age in my career I have had the conviction of how important health education is for disease prevention. If we do not understand the natural process of our diseases, it is impossible for us to have the fundamental weapons to prevent and control these diseases to the point that we can take or continue our lives in a more normal way.

I am passionate about everything related to women’s health since I have the firm conviction that women are the center and pillar of our families and in turn the basis and future of our society.

When a woman understands the different biological and psychological processes that can affect her not only her but her family is when they can change those processes and improve or control them so that she, her family, her community and our society can have better physical health and mental

A woman and a healthy family gives us the support we all need to improve our situation and get closer to the global goal of a more prosperous and harmonious society.


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