It is common that now that you are pregnant friends and family will say you should not exercise and will try to get you to not move! This may be because they have a generalized idea that pregnant women are weak. But this is just a myth.

“Women are physically capable of much more than we thought possible, and exercise during pregnancy is an example”

I will list some benefits you can obtain by working out during pregnancy:

  1. Appropriate control of weight gain during pregnancy decreasing chances of metabolic diseases in the future.
  2. Decreased risk of developing blood sugar problems (Diabetes)
  3. Decrease in high blood pressure
  4. Decreased postural problems and / or back pain
  5. You will have a shorter labor, with more resistance and less exhaustion
  6. Your pelvic floor will have more strength avoiding urinary and fecal incontinence in the future
  7. You will have a quick recovery after childbirth
  8. It will increase the density of your bones decreasing the risk of osteoporosis
  9. It decreases the probability of overweight in your baby by reducing diseases or alterations in your baby’s electrolytes, among other diseases.

    Therefore working out during pregnancy, will give you and your baby an invaluable health opportunity. IMPORTANT, your must make it in a responsable way. Always supported by your doctor who will guide you during the process. Helping you to Identify your needs, limits and possible contraindications.